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These are the core categories of our business. We have also provided a more detailed operations and product examples in each of these core categories.

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding is our core business and we strive to do our best in it. We are capable of producing products using different type of injection moulding processes and we are also able to mould different type of products for various spectrum of industries. The major industry that we are currently engaged in are the electronics industry, consumer sector and automotive industry.

Stretch Film

This is the latest product from our company. It is a new venture based on the high demand for stretch film in the market. We are currently focused on producing stretch film for commercial use but the quality of our current product is also suitable for consumer use.


Our business also specialises in doing assembly for product parts. We have done assembly for microwave door parts, steam bowl parts, control panel parts and many more. It can be customized to assemble any current products that we are running on our injection moulding platform or we can also assemble product parts that are shipped to us.


Mould Storage

We also provide mould storage for custom moulds. They are stored in a suitable temperature and humidity controlled environment to ensure that our mould have a longer lifespan possibility.

Spraying & Printing

Our company's Spraying & Printing division provides further synergy to our business as a one stop center for our clients. After products are moulded and assembled, we are able to apply the finishing touches to it by adding any custom spraying color or printing material to it. In addition, we are also capable of doing silk screen printing for our clients.


Warehousing for products is also one of our specialty. We have all the necessary equipment and vehicles to ensure that the products stored at our warehouse are safe and organized.

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